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Guiding small businesses and diverse vendors to their success destinations

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Supplier Inclusion Teams’ Partner to Train Project-Ready Diverse Vendors

We partner with Supplier diversity and Inclusion teams to elevate their diverse vendor training.

Cohort training

Business continuity

Proposal toolkit development

For Supplier Inclusion teams who need to introduce project-ready diverse vendors to their buyers, Guided Business Plan designs and facilitates virtual training programs that leads to closed deals because we believe that economic equality emanates from job creation.

"Absolutely fabulous working with Melanie!"

Holley Joy, Supplier Diversity Manager, Golden State Water and California Water Association USDP team

GUIDED Business Plan™ Training Platform includes:

Books | E-Books | Digital Downloads | Video Tutorials
Facilitator Training Packages | Online Facilitator

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We help small businesses with a GUIDED approach!


A community for diverse women-owned businesses pursuing partnerships with corporate clients

GUIDED Plan with Peers is our peer group to guide women-led businesses to opportunities and equip them with a Proposal Toolkit that makes it easier for buyers to say “yes”.

Structured membership

Live and on-demand classes

Instant feedback and group accountability

We help small women business owners with small teams gain the trust of corporate buyers to grow past their current 6-figures by building their sales confidence to pursue corporate contracts using the blueprint corporations hire us to teach.

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It’s not about what we’re up to…it’s about what information we can share with you to continue moving forward.

Easy way to learn how to pursue corporate clients

Melanie Rae, Founder + Author

“For more than a decade, I have been writing GUIDED Business Planbooks – our ten editions could take an unemployed person to start-up to scale to supplier.”

Our Mission


“To inspire economic EQUALITY through entrepreneurship”

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Entrepreneur Educators

Off-the-Shelf Books and Facilitator Training for Entrepreneur Educators

Licensed training content

Digital books and tools

Facilitator training package

Entrepreneur education training materials to differentiate your business development programs to engage microenterprises and small businesses – the results attract funders!

10,000+ GUIDED stories

Success destinations looks different for all. Our national GUIDED Business Plan training platform could take someone from start-up to scaling to supplier to reach their goals faster.


Entrepreneur Educators

help for small businesses

Entrepreneur education training materials

to differentiate your business development programs to engage microenterprises and small businesses – the results attract funders!



help for small businesses

Our vendor development training content

accelerates compatibility matches between buyers and diverse vendors with WBE/DBE/VBE certified and other certifications.

Guided Business Plan offers specialty programs for water and retail industries


help for small businesses

We have retail industry and water industry

specific training materials that empower businesses to pursue bigger ASKs — training content for supplier inclusion and entrepreneur educators.

Guided Business Plan | Los Angeles, CA | 888.523.5244  | guidedplans.com

For Start-Ups

McDonald’s sponsored a YWCA program – 350 women attend a 6-week GUIDED Business Plan™ course

McDonald’s sponsored the YWCA USA to launch a nationwide entrepreneur education program to train more than 350 women with our materials. It was part of their Black & Positively Golden campaign for economic empowerment.

For Diverse Vendors

California Water Association invests in diverse businesses

In 2019, the California Water Association Utility Supplier Diversity Program team retained us to design their new year-long CWA W.A.T.E.R. diverse vendor cohort. “You elevated our program and made it more than what I could imagine.” Our partnership has grown to provide instructional design for their CWA Meet the Primes and CWA R.I.S.E. vendor development programs.

For Diverse Vendors

EMBA: An Introduction to Government and Corporate Contracting

With support from The Fund for Equitable Business Growth, the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) and Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council commissioned us to create a city-wide program to introduce corporate and government contracting opportunities to underrepresented communities.

For Retail Industry

Walgreens sponsors more than 3 cohorts to support growing job creators

Love the fact that this was a hands-on session versus just walking away with notes. These notes are our deliverables to help us move forward with getting our company in the door. Thank you Melanie!


GUIDED Business Plan - First Time CEO

GUIDED Business Plan™ |
First Time CEO

We know that starting a business is an exciting but can be daunting task. Our GUIDED Business Plan™ | First Time CEO gives you a proven way to brainstorm your way into a persuasive business plan to impress your first investor – YOU!

GUIDED Business Plan | Contracting Confidence

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence

You’re not alone in your confusion about government contracting. Our GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence book explains how to become eligible for government contracts as well as how to stay organized by creating a Proposal Toolkit from scratch with easy-to follow instructions.

GUIDED Business Plan | Contracting Toolkit

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Corporate Toolkit

The GUIDED Business Plan™ | Starter helps both NEW and ESTABLISHED small businesses quickly create a trusted plan so they may share with lenders in days! It’s like interviewing yourself — just write down your ideas and convert those notes into sentences.

MBE and WBE certification

Shop GUIDED for Small Business Growth

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