A little about Guided Business Plan

One of my ideas around 2008 was to launch a website called justtellme.com. I was frustrated when I had to comb through online Q&A forums to resolve an issue when I was programming an Excel spreadsheet or Access database. I wanted someone to hear what I wanted to do and provide the instructions to accomplish it. The GUIDED Business Plan™ approach is kind of like that. It is a series of how-to-instruction books for small business owners at different stages of development. It is based on my experiences, struggles and “they said yes” moments. I created a format that speaks to how I like to learn. Tell me as I do it. That is why all of the classes that use our Demo.Write.Discuss. format end with frenzied excitement as business owners leave transformed and ready to DO.


What started as a pilot webinar in late 2008 has evolved into an award winning, 10 edition, multi-lingual training platform to simplify strategic planning for start-ups to entrepreneur executives. Thank you to everyone who allows us on their journey through following us, buying a book or taking a class with our valued entrepreneur educators!


I have led more than 1,500 learning events ranging from software training for corporate employees (Microsoft Office, Lotus, Adobe/Macromedia) to credit-based vocational classes (Microsoft Office) to strategy sessions (business planning, procurement, and train-the-trainers) for business owners. I’ve been called the Business Creation Therapist because I can apply the knowledge gained through teaching and having to think of strategies on the spot for various business models.


Our team is growing as our partnerships expand. It all comes back to “inspiring economic independence through entrepreneurship.”


Easy. Simple. Guided. ;~)


~Melanie Rae