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Personalized Books

Our national GUIDED Business Plan™ training platform has 10+ editions for affinity groups of business owners. Small and Diverse. Start-ups and Established. Entrepreneur educators across the U.S. use our materials for…

Training Workshops
College Classes
Online Webinars

Facilitator Training

Offer consistent but customizable instructor-led classes at one site or multiple locations when in-person events resume. Host online webinars for the wave of start-ups and shaken established business owners.

Course Outlines
Certificate of Completion

Digital Toolkits

Our complementary tools make it easy to transfer notes into a pre-formatted business plan style sheet and financial projections spreadsheet. Customize them for the pitches you want your clients to present.

Business Plan Outline
Competitor Comparison


Participants see a demo.
Write their notes.
Discuss their answers.
Leave with a draft of their plan.

SBDCs, PTACs, WBCs, VBOCs, and other Entrepreneur Educators

Our GUIDED programming (books and facilitator training packages) at business development centers attracts funders due to the business owners’ results.

Our signature Demo.Write.Discuss. approach has been modified for online formats and competing “safer at home” responsibilities.

"Adjusting to work life at home - virtual training"

Online technical assistance with our proven format

Our GUIDED book could equal 5+ hours of advising time. Advisors should focus on strategy, not introductory concepts. Volume orders are personalized. Online or Printed. We can even mail books to your clients.

Award-winning GUIDED Business Plan™ | Build to Scale

In October 2019, the WBDC won a City of Chicago Innovation award based on the course we developed to guide micro-enterprises to scale to six-figure businesses.

"The GUIDED Business Plan™ book conveys information in layman’s terms. It is very intuitive. Very clear. People love using your books.”

Edwidge - WBC Director

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Community edition

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"Today in class, it was just magical because the interaction that took place with veterans around the table was so natural. They just started talking with each other and helping each other. It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.”

Teri, Co-Founder, Not-for-Profit

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Military CEO edition

Our GUIDED approach has transformed diverse small business owners since 2009!

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