How to to Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

Around March I’m feeling burnout. January starts with classes and I’m going hard teaching, design, creating, coaching, and just being for 3 months. Come April I need those 10 days of silence. Come the summertime, I’m ready for a real change of pace.


May is mental health awareness month but every day could be self-mental health awareness. Here are a few tips from Guided Business Plan’s Ashley Warfield.


Recognize that you are tired, and you need rest


Pro tip: Prioritize yourself. You won’t be able to function on anything if you don’t take care of yourself.


Self-care from work does not only come in the form of a holiday. Sometimes, you just need to catch some sleep, watch your favorite shows, cuddle your pet,  spend time with your loved ones. Become off the grid for a while. The world will not end just because you didn’t respond immediately.



Try to pinpoint the cause of your stress

Maybe your stress comes from the administrative side of your business. If this is something that you do not enjoy, you should probably consider hiring someone to take care of it for you. It is vital that you know how to recognize the symptoms of your stress, so you would know how to solve it. You can make a difference to yourself and to your business when you learn how to deal with them positively.


Stick to a working schedule

Business owners should also know that they are allowed to set office hours and stick to this working schedule. Just like employees, entrepreneurs also need to spend time on their personal lives. This is achievable when you set a fixed number of hours for work. Whichever that schedule might be, stick to it as much as you can.


Know which goals to prioritize first

As a business owner, it is a normal thing to have loads of tasks to do and it can be very overwhelming on some days. The best way to conquer this is to know which ones to prioritize first. Multitasking will not do any good for your mental health and it will not help you achieve more goals. Check which of your tasks are the most urgent ones and work on them first before moving forward to another project.


Seek extra hand for some tasks

Delegate tasks in your team. Your team members are present in your business for a reason. They have skills where they excel the best, so you can assign them to help you in certain tasks where they are most skillful at. Knowing your team’s best assets will also help you to delegate tasks to them efficiently.


Keep in mind that it is always okay to ask for help from other people. There are certain things you cannot do at a certain time.


Celebrate your success

Last but certainly not least, celebrate your business milestones! You won’t achieve them if you do not work hard for them, stress included. You deserve to be recognized for your hard work and dedication to make your business grow, so a celebration is essential whenever you achieve a certain milestone for your business.


Working, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur, should not be challenging. There should always be fun at work to balance everything. We hope that these tips will help you fight a burnout to continue growing your business, and in the long run, be a guide for you to prevent frequent burnout moments.

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