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With the onslaught of laid off workers, many of them are turning to SBA resource partners for help with selling their talents as a consultant or pivoting to start a business.

With the additional responsibilities of home schooling, caregiving and work demands, your advisors may be stretched.

Make advising sessions even more productive by giving your clients Action Items to complete on their own and then use advising sessions to focus on strategy rather than business planning 101.

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GUIDED Business Plan™ | First Time CEO

Ideal for craft fair vendors, transitioning full-time employees, younger retirees, recently laid-off and stay-at-home-parents making the move to business ownership. Our simple steps may be used to start a service or product based business.

GUIDED Business Plan™ | First Time CEO book is packed with amazing and practical guidance to create a persuasive business plan the first time.

Our books are a series of questions to catch the “I didn’t think of that” and prevent the costs associated with “I didn’t know I had to do that.”

Action Items

  • Purpose Plan

  • Determine the Need

  • Your Ideal Customer

  • Plan Your Operations

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Your Support Team

  • Determine Your Costs

  • Company Basics

  • Business Builders

  • Outline

  • Next Steps

$49.95 each


52-page book, full color


Personalized back cover




ISBN: 9780990976219_29-95

Volume discounts when for book orders greater than 20

Free digital toolkit to accompany each book for all volume orders placed by May 28, 2020

  • GBP Style Sheet
  • GUIDED Budget
  • One-Page Layout
  • Competitor Comparison Matrix
5 Free books = $250 or more in savings! We appreciate you ~ Guided Business Plan

Try our Easy.Simple.GUIDED approach!

Order a sample to review with your team or place a bulk order – the retail price is the same for Printed or E-workbooks.

Printed Workbooks

Volume orders are personalized. Order 20 or more books and you can submit a design for the back cover. Your design may feature a sponsor or promote your organization.

Printed books may be mailed to one location or to the participants for an additional fee.

Online Book Viewer

Access the GUIDED Business Plan™ | First Time CEO e-workbook via an online viewer. Users can access the content on their own device. They navigate, annotate and even search the document.

An editable companion document accompanies this e-workbook.

GUIDED Business Plan | First Time CEO – compact yet comprehensive!

Purpose Plan. Relatable Case Study.Launch Checklist.

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