GUIDED Business Plan™

GBP | College Entrepreneur


This book series is what led to McDonald’s sponsoring more than 350 women across the U.S. to attend a 6-week course at a YWCA. Want to save money? Buy this book and complete the chapter before meeting wtihon it with a coach or advisor.

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GUIDED Business Plan™ | College Entrepreneur


Some spend several weeks or months writing their business plan. With the GUIDED Business Plan™ | College Entrepreneur, you will have a step-by-step, comprehensive blueprint for starting a business before meeting with a coach or advisor. They will ask a fraction of the questions we placed in easy to follow activities…and charge you a high hourly rate!


The FIRST 52-page book guides you to commit your vision to paper – purpose, ideal customer, pricing, marketing — check out the business plan outline for the full list. The SECOND 52-page book helps you develop operations tools such as SEO keywords, online community building, insurance needs, etc.


The GUIDED Business Plan™ | College Entrepreneur is a comprehensive, thought provoking blueprint that will steer ambitious entrepreneurs through everything from figuring out your goals and objectives to developing operational standards. And it’s not just for college students.

GUIDED Business Plan™ | College Entrepreneur

The first book is similar to the GUIDED Business Plan™ | First Time CEO but it then goes into a deep dive.

$99.95 for 2-book set

Two 52-page books, full color



Volume Orders (20+ books)

Free personalized back cover with volume orders (you send us camera-ready art)

Pricing discounts at 25, 50, and 100+ books

Free Digital Toolkit

GUIDED Business Plan™ | College Entrepreneur

  • Spreadsheet to create financial projections
  • Companion guide to format your notes into a professional-looking business plan
  • One-page layout to create your pitch
  • Competitor comparison matrix

GUIDED Business Plan™ | College Entrepreneur


Our GUIDED Business Plan™ books and facilitator training packages have been utilized in classrooms across the United States for more than a decade. Our clients have attracted hundreds of thousands of dollars from funders who love the results.

We have a comprehensive content library for 3-hour workshops to 36-hour courses.

Start-Ups | Scaling | PTACs (government contracting) | Business Continuity | Recovery

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