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GUIDED Business Plan™

GBP | Contracting Confidence


Prepare for conversations with government buyers. It is harder to get a buyer to return your calls if you don’t speak the language of government procurement.


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GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence


Let’s assume you believe in your business and want to grow. You have stellar client reviews. You have a team. You hear that government contracting may be the way to go BUT you also know it’s confusing and don’t know where to start.


Our GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence book gives you a linear path that simplifies what it takes to become eligible for contracts, how to create a Proposal Toolkit, and how to impress potential buyers. We can tell you what buyers are really thinking and give you tips to survive pre-bid meetings…by having the confidence to communicate your value to the right buyers.


More than just a bunch of checklists and templates, the GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence book is packed with actionable insights that help you make the right connections to pursue government contracts.

Entrepreneur educators and government advisors trust our GUIDED approach to teach their clients.

  • Understand the Buying Process
  • Prepare for Procurement
  • Prepare for Introductions
  • Prepare for Certification
  • Prepare to Be Discovered
  • Prepare for Proposals

$59.95 each

52-page book, full color



ISBN: 978-0-9909762-6-4


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Free Digital Toolkit

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence

  • Spreadsheet to stay organized
  • Companion guide to turn your notes into an contracting journal
  • Application documentation checklist

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence


Our GUIDED Business Plan™ books and facilitator training packages have been utilized in classrooms across the United States for more than a decade. Our clients have attracted hundreds of thousands of dollars from funders who love the results.

We have a comprehensive content library for 3-hour workshops to 36-hour courses.

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