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GUIDED Business Plan™

GBP | First Time CEO


Ideal for craft fair vendors, transitioning full-time employees, younger retirees, recently laid-off and stay-at-home-parents making the move to business ownership. Our simple steps may be used to start a service or product based business.

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GUIDED Business Plan™ | First Time CEO book is packed with amazing and practical guidance to create a persuasive business plan the first time.

Our books are a series of questions to catch the “I didn’t think of that” and prevent the costs associated with “I didn’t know I had to do that.”

Join more than 10,000 business owners who have used our GUIDED approach to reach their goals faster.

Entrepreneur educators and business coaches/advisors trust our GUIDED approach to help their clients document their growth goals.

  • Purpose Plan
  • Determine the Need
  • Your Ideal Customer
  • Your Support Team
  • Plan Your Operations
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Determine Your Costs
  • Company Basics
  • Launch Checklist
  • Business Plan Outline

$49.95 each

52-page book, full color


ISBN: 978-0-9909762-6-4

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  • GUIDED Budget
  • GBP Style Sheet
  • Competitor Comparison Guide
  • One-Page Layout

GUIDED Business Plan™ | First Time CEO


Our GUIDED Business Plan™ books and facilitator training packages have been utilized in classrooms across the United States for more than a decade.  Our clients have attracted hundreds of thousands of dollars from funders who love the results.


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