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If you or someone you know is struggling to keep their small business open, this book may be the guide to see you through to better days.

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“I never thought of that.”



I wrote this book to spark a conversation that ignites “I now know what I need to do to save my business.” To move forward, stressed business owners need to acknowledge what they have and where they want to go. They need a checklist to track their progress as they refine their operations and reach out to influencers to sharing their pandemic story and finding new ways to sell to new audiences. The 6 chapters with 18 Action Items and a series of digital tools will give owners the confidence to grow their business to their highest revenue yet.


Entrepreneur educators and government advisors trust our GUIDED approach to teach their clients.


  • Start with a Baseline
  • Connect with Customers
  • Diversify Online Sales
  • Safeguard Your Operations
  • Prepare to Protect
  • Plan to Recover Faster

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52-page book, full color





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Free Digital Toolkit

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Recover Faster


  • Pivot Planning – Fill-in-the blank goal organizer
  • REBUILD Style Sheet – Companion guide to turn your notes into an recovery journal
  • Sales Funnel Organizer – Automate your sales outreach

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence


Our GUIDED Business Plan™ books and facilitator training packages have been utilized in classrooms across the United States for more than a decade.

We have a comprehensive content library for 3-hour workshops to 36-hour courses.

Our clients have attracted hundreds of thousands of dollars from funders who love the results.

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