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El Plan de Negocios GUIDED™ | Inicio lo colocará en el camino correcto para crear un plan de acción convincente para expandir su negocio. Nuestro formato interactivo se basa en nuestro enfoque de “Demostrar.Escribir.Discutir.” donde escribe su plan mientras aprende de colegas empresarios.
The GUIDED Business Plan™ | Starter will set you on the right path to create a compelling action plan to grow your business. Our interactive format is based on our Demo.Write.Discuss. approach where you write your plan while learning from fellow entrepreneurs.
Our e-books give you the ability to easily navigate, annotate, search, and save notes within our virtual platform–please note it is not a downloadable PDF.

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The GUIDED Business Plan™ | Starter (Inicio) is our first classroom version designed to help both NEW and ESTABLISHED small business owners quickly create a plan to share with a lender. Our translated book is like being interviewed about your business idea. Simply brainstorm notes and then convert notes into sentences into a full business plan.

Sesión 1
Durante la primera parte del taller, responderá quién, qué, dónde, por qué y cómo de sus ideas de negocio y convertirá sus respuestas en un resumen ejecutivo.

Sesión 2
La segunda parte del taller se centra en analizar sus oportunidades de negocio y riesgos, proyecciones financieras y estrategias de marketing. Este libro contiene ejercicios adicionales para guiarlo a medida que busca el apoyo de asesores SBDC.


Session 1.
During the first part of the workshop, you will answer the who, what, where, why and how of your business ideas and eventually turn your responses into an Executive Summary.

Session 2:
The second part of the workshop focuses on analyzing your financial projections, business opportunities and risks (SWOT), and marketing strategies. This book contains additional exercises to guide you as you seek support from SBDC advisors/counselors.

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52-page book, full color


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GUIDED Business Plan™ | Starter (Spanish)


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