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Diverse Suppliers. Sub-contractors. Certified Companies.

Beyond government contracting 101


With new opportunities during the rebuild and  recovery phase, many of diverse suppliers are turning to PTACs and U.S. SBA resource partners for help with selling their goods and services to government buyers.

With the additional responsibilities of home schooling, caregiving and work demands, your advisors may be stretched. Offer virtual group classes in addition to individual sessions.

Make advising sessions even more productive by giving your clients Action Items to complete on their own and then use advising sessions to focus on strategy rather than government contracting 101.

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GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence

As part of the economic rebuilding efforts, local governments will turn to small and large businesses to fulfill contracts. Your established clients may want to diversify their client base by pursuing contracts with city, state and federal contracts.

Introduce established underrepresented businesses to government procurement practices with our GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence book and course.

Simplify Virtual Advising Sessions

E-Workbooks and Printed Books

Business owners work on sections to prepare for counseling sessions.


Host Engaging Classes

Facilitator Training Materials for Virtual and In-Person Classes

Business owners have a guided path to completing milestones.

Facilitator Training Package (3- to 18-hour course)

License includes editable presentation decks, course outline, personalized digital toolkit for participants, access to our productive GUIDED Entrepreneur Educator forum (coming soon), certificate of completion template and an online train-the-trainer.

Action Items

  • Understand the Buying Process

  • Prepare for Procurement

  • Prepare for Introductions

  • Prepare for Certification

  • Prepare to Be Discovered

  • Prepare for Proposals

$59.95 each


52-page book, full color


Include a free personalized back cover with volume orders (20+)




ISBN: 978-0-9909762-6-4

Volume discounts when for book orders greater than 20

Includes the complimentary GUIDED Bid Journal to organize the procurement process.

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs), SBDCs and WBCs have garnered support from city procurement departments for this GUIDED approach that results in more project-ready diverse vendors.

We appreciate you ~ Guided Business Plan

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence

Order a sample to review with your team or place a bulk order – the retail price is the same for Printed 52-page Books or E-workbooks.

Printed Workbooks

Volume orders are personalized. Order 20 or more books and you can submit a design for the back cover. Your design may feature a sponsor or promote your organization.

Printed books may be mailed to one location or to the participants for an additional fee.

Online Book Viewer

Access the GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence e-workbook via an online viewer. Users can access the content on their own device. They navigate, annotate and even search the document.

An editable companion document accompanies this e-workbook.

GUIDED Business Plan | Contracting Confidence – compact yet comprehensive!

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