"Have you thought about...?"

These words could save thousands of small businesses.
Offer GUIDED Business Plan™ | Recover Faster classes to your entrepreneur community.

"60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are now permanent."

Business continuity plans for diverse suppliers

What if some of those business owners attended a session and someone asked “have you thought about…?”

"I created a six session virtual course to intentionally transition anxious owners into a place where they can gain a new perspective."

Melanie Rae, Founder + Author

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Recover Faster edition

Guided Business Plan book
GBP Recover Faster - Packaged Training Content

Entrepreneur Educators

Business Development Centers + Economic Development Agencies

Host GUIDED small groups to help small businesses find their path forward.

GUIDED Business Plan™ | Recover Faster

Every day there are more “closed due to COVID” signs and boarded windows. Act now to offer your clients a lifeline. Buy an e-workbook to review our GUIDED approach.


Our national GUIDED Business Plan™ training platform has 10+ editions for affinity groups of business owners. Small and Diverse. Start-ups and Established. Entrepreneur educators across the U.S. use our materials for…

Virtual Course
Online Webinars
English or Spanish

Facilitator Training

Offer consistent but customizable instructor-led classes at one site or multiple locations when in-person events resume. Host online webinars for the wave of start-ups and shaken established business owners.

Presentation Decks
Certificate of Completion

Digital Toolkits

Our complementary tools make it easy to transfer notes into a pre-formatted business plan style sheet and financial projections spreadsheet. Customize them for the pitches you want your clients to present.

Pivot Planning
REBUILD Style Sheet
SWOT Compass

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Our GUIDED approach has transformed diverse small business owners since 2009!

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