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Hi, I'm Melanie Rae. Founder of Guided Business Plan. May I introduce myself to you? 

Our GUIDED content has been sponsored by billion-dollar brands and other renowned companies

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How can our 3 GUIDED solutions ELEVATE your diverse vendor training?

First solution

>> Host a Diverse Vendor Cohort Training

We create signature diverse vendor training program to develop a pipeline of project-ready vendors

Your colleague needs to hire a vendor yesterday.... do you have someone who is project-ready?

 Check out these cohort-trainings that
Guided Business Plan has designed

Capabilities Statement

Company and/or industry Insights

Proposal toolkit development

Inspiration to pursue bigger ASKS!

Pitch / Intro Video Development

Proposal Writing 

*Proposal Writing and RFP Support held in conjunction with our Partners


"You elevated our program. I never imagined it could look like this."  The California Water Association hired us to develop W.A.T.E.R. which has become a coveted year-long program to navigate the water industry. Graduates have earned millions in contracts in California and beyond.


"When I come back next year..." said a retail industry giant about returning to speak at WBDC's Top Shelf Retail program sponsored by Walgreens. 
Several graduates are on new shelves!


"This is an amazing resource" regarding our WBEC-Pacific's WE-Xcel Vendor Lookbook that showcased 25 Black women who graduated from a 8-session course. Sponsors include Lyft, Google, Comcast, T-Mobile, Delta and more. 

Second solution

>> Immediate training to facilitate buyer introductions

Procurement and Supplier Inclusion teams -you're already juggling outreach, internal inclusion champions, reporting, etc. You don't have the time to mentor individuals...we do! 

You meet a qualified vendor and they just need a little help with their...Capabilities Statement, Intros, Proposal Do's and Don'ts, etc.

 Sponsor one or more vendors for our GUIDED Plan with Peers training and be in awe of the BEFORE AND AFTER transformation!

Capabilities Statement

Company and/or industry Insights

Proposal toolkit development

Inspiration to pursue bigger ASKS!

Pitch / Intro Video Development

Proposal Writing 

*Proposal Writing and RFP Support held in conjunction with our Partners
GUIDED Plan with Peers is a community for diverse vendors with SMALL teams but BIG ambitions.

  • We offer CONNECTIONS: Our members learn about opportunities and form referral networks.
  • We provide FEEDBACK: With our advice, members are communicating their value instead of confusing prospects.
  • We help members design TOOLS: Our engaging virtual "work sessions" help GUIDED PWP members create the tools they need to answer questions from prospects. 
  • See Before and After results below!

Third solution

>> Host business Continuity workshops

Don’t let one of the vendors you hired or referred be the cause of costly and embarrassing shut downs. 

Sponsor a GUIDED Continuity Statement workshop for your suppliers - help them gain the trust of your buyers faster!

Capabilities Statement

Company and/or industry Insights

Proposal toolkit development

Inspiration to pursue bigger ASKS!

Pitch / Intro Video Development

Proposal Writing 

*Proposal Writing and RFP Support held in conjunction with our Partners


The events of 2020 set off a chain reaction of high-stress events around the world. Risk managers don't want that to happen again. Many are evaluating Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, AND Tier 4 suppliers and weeding out the ones that don't have a business continuity plan.


Sponsor a 2-hour virtual GUIDED Continuity Statement workshop to discover what's really going on with your suppliers and the challenge they face...that could directly impact your projects!


We are a repeat WBENC WeThrive instructor... receiving rave reviews from WBEs who said "this session was the important one for me". We have a long list of "thank you testimonials we can share with you. NAVOBA, NAWBO, and the California Water Association and others also hosted it.

International standards for inclusion could apply to your company…get ahead of the ISO 30415 by offering training now!

We make buying from diverse suppliers easy and GUIDED!

Turn Current Commitment from your Executives into Sustainable Inclusion Growth Strategies

“The feedback for Top Shelf Retail is incredible.
I can’t say enough how thrilled I am to be a part of this. Melanie, fantastic job!”

~Pete Raffone, Regional Director, Walgreens

Guided Business Plan designed a cohort-based training program for consumer goods producers.
“I found the SWOT Compass to be incredibly valuable. I appreciate that Melanie took a standard analysis and built upon it substantially with real business questions and concerns to consider."
TaChelle Lawson
Fig Firm
“Every session, I have been incredibly impressed by the quality presentation, the outstanding facilitation and CWA member participation. This has been so helpful!”
Scott Kuethen
Amtec Human Capital
Attended water industry course
“Melanie, is so knowledgeable and such a patient and articulate presenter.”
Kathie Tetreault
Saddleback Surveys, Inc.
Attended workshop for business continuity and CWA W.A.T.E.R. cohort

Entrepreneur educators and business owners across the United States have grown their organization with our GUIDED approach!

Before and After Biz Coach - Melanie Rae

 Check out our GUIDED difference with these
Before and After 60-Second Pitches 

Melanie coached a group of women pursuing corporate contracts during a recent cohort.
For some of them, it was their first time navigating corporate procurement.


"what value do they offer us?"


"when can we meet?"

Que's Before

Que's After

Que's Before

Que's After

Within a one-hour session, we helped Que write a new script that showcased her true value and personality. This video wowed corporate buyers. Imagine how many prospects would have moved on if they only saw her BEFORE video because they did not understand the value that she brings to the table.

Jamita's Before

Jamita's After

Jamita’s BEFORE video was solid but it did not distinguish her enough from other vendors that offer IT systems improvement. The second one showed more confidence as she described how her company solved an extremely costly and high visibility challenge. The listener has an idea of her unique capabilities, who has trusted her and what she can deliver.

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“WE-Xcel [a GUIDED course] gave me the tools and the confidence to effectively market my skills for contracts with Fortune 500s and major corporations. Anyone who is serious about taking their business to the next level needs to take this course- it is a game-changer!” 
Stephanie Belton
The A-List Network, LLC
Melanie Taught This Course
“It would have been impossible for me to offer this cohort if I did not have the GUIDED Business Plan™ materials. One of our survey comments was ‘Best educational program I ever experienced. Very organized with valuable information that we could take action on. Loved it.’”
Entrepreneur Educator
Teaching A Government Contracting Cohort
Licensed a GUIDED curriculum
“The materials, the presentation, and especially the examples. It is extremely helpful to have examples that highlight the how and why the particular "fill in the blank" is worth thinking about. The presenter [Melanie] was OUTSTANDING; clear, well organized, delightful, and brought in diverse perspectives.”
Mirette Seireg

We make buying from diverse suppliers easy and GUIDED!

Guided Business Plan's
Capabilities Statement

Our GUIDED impact continues...

"Melanie had high energy and engagement for 3 straight hours...AMAZING!" Wendi 
Wendi Brown, Army Reservist
iSupportYou, LLC
Attended corporate contracting course
"Melanie is an outstanding facilitator!"
Tracy Porter
Premiere Solutions &  NFL Alumni
Attended water industry course
“This is the BEST working meeting EVER!” 
Pamela Isom
ICE Solutions
Attended corporate contracting course

Meet Our Guides

Our Guides and Experts range from PhDs to military veterans to supplier inclusion professionals

Melanie Rae

Founder + Author
Lead Guide

The Before and After Biz Coach who has helped thousands of business owners create tools to SEE and REACH their success destinations. Creator of the national GUIDED Business Plan training platform.

Yvette Harris

Work Session Guide
Proposal Writing/Mindset

U.S. Air Force Veteran Dr. Harris earned her doctorate in Education Leadership. She assists small businesses with writing County, State and Federal proposals.

Karina Passi

Work Session Guide
Lean 6 Sigma, Systems

U.S. Air Force Veteran, Aircraft Mechanic, Operations Consultant and Lean 6 Sigma certified, Karina helps companies "find a better way to get things done."

Meet Others On Our Team


Cohorts + Management

Kim Scott

Community + LMS

Angela Mayeda

Admin + Support


Tech + Support


Visuals + Stories


Digital + Strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer onsite  and virtual meetings?
We specialize in offering virtual training; however, we may participate in hybrid training where the first and/or last session is held onsite.
Can you create on-demand content?
Absolutely. We offer recorded and non-recorded pricing to reach a larger audience.
Can we sponsor individuals to attend your training if we cannot host an entire cohort?
Yes, one, two, five...ten. We offer volume discounts and add-ons so they learn what you need them to know.
What makes this program different?
Your leader is an instructional designer with more than 20 years of experience translating concepts for adult learners. You can't get the same type of energy and inspiration from simply watching a video from a stranger.
Can you offer training to organizations we sponsor?
Yes. We work directly with corporations to translate what they want diverse vendors to know. Our training may be offered to companies you select or held publicly with not-for-profit organizations.

Guided Business Plan can create a group training that resolves the gaps in onboarding new vendors!

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