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Write a winning Capability Statement - free lesson

Are you wondering “What is a capability statement?”

Attention small businesses and solopreneurs! Want to impress those big buyers? 

We’ve got you covered. Our expertise lies in helping you design the ultimate Capability Statement, which is often the first thing those buyers ask for. But that’s not all. We go beyond just that – we’ll guide you towards discovering new opportunities to boost your business and increase your revenue.

Turn conversations into contracts by choosing the right words that speak directly to your prospective clients.

Designing a Winning Capability Statement

-Create a headline that grabs the attention of prospective buyers

-Write a concise description of your company and its offerings

-Craft a capability statement that builds trust and credibility

-Differentiate your business and create urgency to win contracts


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What is a Capability Statement?

A capability statement is a critical tool that outlines the competencies and achievements of your business, designed to impress potential partners and clients. 

Do you have examples of Capability Statements?

Guided Business Plan provides engaging capability statement examples and samples that illustrate the effectiveness of a well-crafted statement. To make things even easier, we offer  versatile capability statement template layouts designed in Canva. They can easily be tailored to suit your specific needs, including a specialized capability statement template for government contractors. 

Our goal is to make the process of creating your capabilities statement not just informative, but also approachable and enjoyable as you discover new business growth opportunities.


-Learn how to use jasper.ai for your small business

-Learn how to impress buyers in the water industry

-Craft a 60-Sec Intro Video to capture the attention of large buyers

-Create a Capability Statement in 5 days

-Tips to build a tech stack for solopreneurs


More classes for diverse vendors will be added!

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