GBP | GovCon Primer (pack of 20 books)


GBP | GovCon Primer (pack of 20 books)


  • Package for Advisors/Entrepreneur Educators
  • Personalized back cover (you submit a PDF to us)
  • Licensed presentations materials available for a separate fee


Save when you order a pack of 20 books for your group or classroom


Book Description:

Are you a business owner trying to land government contracts? The infrastructure bill is pouring trillions into communities across the United States.


You know the contracts out there, but how do YOU get them with so much paperwork and rules involved? Our GUIDED Business Plan | GovCon Primer book gives you the access to the information and resources you need to meet your goals without overwhelming you.


Get started today!

  • Eliminate the guesswork and wasted time trying to figure out what you need to do on your own
  • Complete easy worksheets that give structure to the process of obtaining government contracts
  • Discover best practices to make sure your proposal stands out from your competitors
  • Feel confident meeting with buyers and contracting officers


Start putting together an amazing toolkit that can help secure those lucrative government contracts!


52 pages


This package includes 20 GUIDED Business Plan™ | GovCon Primer books. Package includes handling, shipping to one location and 3% credit card processing fee.

We have partnered with Women’s Business Center (WBCs), Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOCS), Procurement Technical Assistant Centers (PTAC), Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) and more.

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