GBP | Corporate Toolkit (pack of 20 books)


GBP | Corporate Toolkit (pack of 20 books)


  • Package for Advisors/Entrepreneur Educators
  • Personalized back cover (you submit a PDF to us)
  • Licensed presentations materials available for a separate fee


Save when you order a pack of 20 books for your group or classroom


Book Description:


You’re a small business owner who dreams of partnering with large corporations.

We understand you may feel intimidated by the thought of pitching to a corporate client. That’s why we created the GUIDED Business Plan™ | Corporate Toolkit book – to help you prepare and make the most of your opportunity. It’s like Supplier Diversity 101! 

  • Easy worksheets that will walk you through every step of the process
  • Valuable tips from real-life case studies of businesses who have successfully partnered with large corporations
  • Explanation of MBE/WBE certification, Capabilities Statement plus more


Purchase your “action plan” today and get started on your path to contracting success!

Looking to prepare for government contracts? Check out our GUIDED Business Plan™ | Contracting Confidence book.


52 pages


This package includes 20 GUIDED Business Plan™ | Corporate Toolkit books. Package includes handling and shipping to one location and 3% credit card processing fee.


Looking for vendor diversity or business diversity programs? Does your corporate supplier diversity team need to provide technical assistance? Schedule a meeting to create a custom supplier diversity program.


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