GUIDED Capabilities Statement – On-Demand Course – PRE SALE



GUIDED Capabilities Statement – On-Demand Course – PRE SALE


Pre-Order TODAY – Available June 14, 2023

5 Day Challenge – Create your Capabilities Statement

Special offer – $97  (won’t be this low again)

Retail price – $497


We recorded our 5-Day Challenge to help small businesses create the MOST REQUESTED document in procurement circles. Your Capabilities Statement. Follow the 30-minutes sessions for a creative spin to writing key sections. Remove procrastination with our GUIDED approach!


Day 1 : Headline and “Why do I need a Capabilities Statement?”

Day 2: The 2-3 sentences that could lead to a large contract

Day 3: Differentiators…moving past the common mistakes

Day 4: Everything else…where to find what you need

Day 5: Introducing your brand via your Capabilities Statement


Each day that you don’t have one, is a missed opportunity to engage a buyer. Alternatives to investing less than $100 to take this course…


Use a free template. Spend time guessing at what to include. How much is your billable hour?

Hire a designer. They design the text you provide. How much is your billable hour?

Hire a consultant/designer. By all means. It could run you from $500 to $1,000.


Take our GUIDED Capabilities Statement course.

  • Create the content.
  • Add it to one of our template layouts.
  • Personalize it.


Bonus when you pre-order

  • GUIDED Contracting Organizer – a spreadsheet to organize your industry codes, vendor certifications, keywords for vendor profiles plus more.
  • Private group feedback for your Capabilities Statement. We offer it once a month only for those enrolled in this course.
  • Discounts on a GUIDED Session for one-on-one session for feedback on your overall Capabilities Statement.

Pre-order today to save $400!! Course available on June 14th  😉 💕


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