Getting Started with Government and Corporate Contracting: What You Need to Know

Government Contracting for Small Businesses

Turn Daydreams into Paychecks

Think about how much government agencies and corporations spend annually. Trillions and trillions of dollars. The federal government alone is about $4.8 trillion.

Sometimes it takes a sign or a little encouragement to realize that NOW is the time to make things happen when it comes to government contracting for small businesses. Click here for a our FREE Quick Reference Guide: 7 GUIDED Moves to Make It Happen (Intro to Gov Contracting).

Small Business

What can your small business sell to Fortune 500?

What can your business sell to one of these entities? Say it aloud to brainstorm right now.

“I can sell….to…subcontractor.”

“I can sell….to…Prime.”

“I can sell….to…directly to the corporation.”

  • Local and state governments
  • Federal government
  • Utilities
  • Corporations headquartered in your city
  • Retail stores in your neighborhood

Depending on what stage your business is and how much experience you have, you may be ready to pursue a very large contract. A large contract depends on your business. A $50,000 contract could be the biggest one you have ever had. You may be ready to compete for a $1,000,000 contract or even greater. 

One of the most confusing things about going after contract is understanding certification. Check out our Certification Explained ebook. 

Diverse Business

Who do you know who sells to the government?

If you are an established business who does not currently have a corporate or government contract, there may be several reasons why you have not looked into it. 

  • Think your company is too small for a government contract?
  • Not have enough time to invest in learning about the process?
  • Don’t think you have enough money and resources, etc?

Envision a role model. Think about who you know who has a business already, who might have a government contract with your city, state or national. At some point, these business owners heard about contacting from someone and decided to learn more. And then act. And then earn.

We’re hoping that because you’re reading this, right now, you take this as a sign that contracting with large public/private sector entities might be just what your business needs 

Ready to follow an influencer? Have some Coffie.

Are you ready to go to the next level?

Eric Coffie is a leading voice for government contracting. Follow his IG / ECoffie. Check out his reel talking about using the Unison Marketplace. We caught up with Eric at the Veterans In Business Conference in San Diego 2022.

Melanie Rae, Eric Coffie, his marketing team and other VIB Network attendees

Questions? We’re here to help.

We laid out the steps to build your confidence to pursue government contracts in our GUIDED Business Plan™ | GovCon Primer book.

Looking for government contracts for small business? Want to be an Amazon supplier?

We explain MBEs, WBEs, VBEs, LGTBEs, DOBEs, and MBE certification. Learn what is supplier diversity and how it can help your diverse-owned business grow.

Free Quick Reference Guide

On-Demand Course: Intro to Government/Corporate Contracting

Ebook – Certification Explained

Click here to see a preview of our book.

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