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Corporate Supplier Diversity Programs

Increase Diversity Spend with Corporate Supplier Training Programs

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Elevate your supplier diversity programs with our GUIDED training!

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"Melanie has been a driving force in Suburban’s overall Supplier Diversity success. She eliminates pain points for both the vendor and utility, which adds to a more lucrative RFP process by ensuring diverse vendors are prepared.”

-Lauren James, Suburban Water Systems, 2021 diverse spend = 51%

Corporate Diversity Supplier Training Programs

3 GUIDED training packages to create a
pipeline of project-ready vendors!

Hi Supplier Diversity Practitioner:

Sponsor supplier diversity program training to close deals faster. Empower vendors with Capabilities Statement, and onboarding mentoring.

Click the video to meet me, Melanie Rae, author of the 10-edition GUIDED Business Plan™ and fierce champion for economic advancement.

Our Diverse Certifications

Certified WBENC WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise), ACDBE (Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise), CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission)


DE&I Procurement Training

We design high-impact technical assistance programs for Corporate Diversity Supplier Training Programs.

“The feedback for Top Shelf Retail is incredible. I can’t say enough how thrilled I am to be a part of this. Melanie, fantastic job!”

~Pete Raffone, former Regional Director, Walgreens

Guided Business Plan designed a cohort-based training program for consumer goods producers.

Customize Our Signature Training Packages

Tier 1/Tier 2 Engagement

Prep Tier 2 to meet with Tier 1
Prep Tier 1 to connect with Tier 2
Automate introductions

Supplier Academies

Create a pipeline of project-ready vendors who commit 20+ hours to learning how to navigate your company/industry – includes business matchmaking

Capabilities Statement

Plan for a more adaptable and resilient supply chain with our enterprise-wide learning platform, from onboarding to succession, that advances economic equality

Post-Event Thank You Testimonial

Hear our kudos from the California Water Association
Meet Your Before + After Business Coach

Melanie Rae

Corporate procurement teams sponsor a wide range of GUIDED Business Plan™ training programs for their diverse vendors, from small businesses to 8-figure companies, to equip them with information to close deals faster.

Guided Business Plan

Meet Our Guides

Our experts guide diverse vendors to their success destinations!

Melanie is the founder of Guided Business Plan & the Before and After Biz Coach who has helped thousands of business owners create tools to SEE and REACH their success destinations.

Melanie Rae
Lead Guide

Dr. Harris earned her doctorate in Education Leadership. She assists small businesses with writing County, State and Federal proposals.

Dr. Yvette Harris, Phd
Mindset Development

U.S. Air Force veteran, aircraft mechanic, operations consultant and Lean 6 Sigma certified, Karina helps companies “find a better way to get things done.”

Karina Passi
Lean 6 Sigma, Systems

Scott Vowels, PhD

Supplier Inclusion, Apple

” I have known Melanie for many years and have been impressed with all of the different projects she is constantly involved in. I have been particularly impressed with the programs she has created tailored to the Veteran business community. Melanie has authored several training manuals. workbooks and etc. focused on MWDVBE development.”

Talia Boone

Founder, Postal Petals®

Audio testimonial from a diverse vendor

Guided Business Plan

Before & After

Melanie coached a group of women pursuing corporate contracts during a recent cohort.
For some of them, it was their first time navigating corporate procurement.


Que Alicia

Q&A Consulting LLC

Within a one-hour session, we helped Que write a new script that showcased her true value and personality. This video wowed corporate buyers. Imagine how many prospects would have moved on if they only saw her BEFORE video because they did not understand the value that she brings to the table.


Jamita Machen

The Software Vault

Jamita’s BEFORE video was solid but it did not distinguish her enough from other vendors that offer IT systems improvement. The second one showed more confidence as she described how her company solved an extremely costly and high visibility challenge. The listener has an idea of her unique capabilities, who has trusted her and what she can deliver.


Guided Business Plan can create a group training that resolves the gaps in onboarding new vendors!

Guided Business Plan



You got questions?
We have answers!

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

We specialize in offering virtual training; however, we may participate in hybrid training where the first and/or last session is held onsite.

Your leader is an instructional designer with more than 20 years of experience translating concepts for adult learners. You can’t get the same type of energy and inspiration from simply watching a video from a stranger.

Absolutely. We offer recorded and non-recorded pricing to reach a larger audience.

Yes. We work directly with corporations to translate what they want diverse vendors to know. Our training may be offered to companies you select or held publicly with not-for-profit organizations.

Yes, one, two, five…ten. We offer volume discounts and add-ons so they learn what you need them to know.

People often ask about “WiBe” and “Msndc” certification. There are a lot of acronyms in this space. WBE stands for Women Business Enterprise certification managed by WBENC and the NMSDC offers MBE certification which stands for minority business enterprises. We can coach diverse suppliers through the process with our GUIDED Session as part of our Small Business Consulting Services but we complete certifications for others. We can recommend excellent diversity vendors that offer that. Learn more about our GUIDED Sessions for small businesses and diverse vendors.