November 16 – Join us for a conversation about selling to multinational corporations!

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If you’re a small business, it’s likely that you want to sell to multinational global companies. Luckily, there are 4 simple steps that you can take to make this happen. Keep reading for more information!





Here’s a breakdown:

What are you capable of completing? Do you have a Capabilities Statement that explains it?

Who do you need to talk to get it started?

How can you connect with a decision maker?

How do you find available contract opportunities?

Come join the discussion to find out how to grow your small business with corporate clients…from wherever you are in the world.

Meet with business owners from across the continents!

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About the Speaker

Melanie Rae is the creative force behind GUIDED Business Plan™, an entrepreneur education platform that has helped small and diverse businesses across the U.S. develop and implement successful growth strategy plans. Her books and training materials have been praised by small businesses; licensed by not-for-profits; and sponsored by billion-dollar brands. Melanie has a creative marketing mind that guides diverse vendors on the path to corporate contracts.

Stay in touch with Melanie via Instagram/GuidedBusiness and

Melanie Rae

Melanie Rae

Melanie was introduced to hiking the hills around Los Angeles in the late 2000s around the time she came up with an idea for an online help desk for small businesses, "Just Tell Me." Over 10 years later and the first GUIDED Business Plan™ book is the cornerstone of a national training platform where 10,000+ businesses have been trained.

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