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November comes and the calendar gets so full of need to do’s before New Year’s. Meetings and projects are delayed until the “new year”. Stress levels are high as we pile on must endures…holiday cards, gift searching, decorations, food, uncomfortable family visits…fun family visits. Then there is a calm on Dec 26 that  those who don’t celebrate Christmas must experience around December 22nd. Inboxes are quiet save for the mass holiday greetings. No one is waiting on that report.

What does a business owner do? Reflect. Think about the accomplishments during the past 12 months and float some goals for the next 12. Larger companies often package these reflections into annual reports.

Despite the challenges of the past year, there were still significant accomplishments that define the spirit of resilience and determination. One way to share these stories with the public is to create an annual report. By reflecting on the past twelve months, you can also set yourself up for success by setting some goals for the upcoming year as well. Here are three tips that will help you craft an effective annual report for your small business.

3 Easy Steps

Create a Collage of Pictures for Major Events

Want to show off your company’s success over the past year? Incorporate photos and quotes from customers or clients about their experience, so everyone can see just how far you’ve come! Share what you’re most proud of with everybody — excitement is contagious.

Write a Recap Paragraph

Your annual report should be the ultimate look at all of your hard work and success! Wow readers with a comprehensive recap that details how customer satisfaction or operational improvements have improved as a result of your efforts. To drive home just how amazing you are, make sure to include impressive stats and data points for an even deeper understanding of what was accomplished during this period. It’s time to show off – let them know why you’re the best at what you do. And who you do it for. Remind the public of your “why”.

Quantify Some Accomplishments + Publicize Outstanding Ones

As you create your annual report, be sure to capture the magnitude of each success. Show readers just how far you’ve come with figures like revenue growth and new customers acquired! Don’t forget those extra special successes either- awards won or industry recognition are often signs that great progress has been made – highlight these in all their glory as they bound off the page to show everyone what an amazing job was done over this time period!

Let the world celebrate with you!

An effective annual report is more than just numbers – it’s a reflection on all that has been accomplished over the course of the last 12 months and all that lies ahead in the next 365 days! By utilizing visuals such as photos and quotes, writing up a detailed recap paragraph, quantifying key metrics related to successes, and highlighting outstanding accomplishments throughout this time frame – you will be able to craft an annual report that truly captures your company’s brand identity.

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